Welcome to Style Hire Stories.

We have curated a series of themes or stories to provide a more complete and luxurious experience.
Taking our cue from film sets, we strive to create an environment that whisks you away to an imaginary setting.


The Roaring 20s

Inspired by the Jazz age, The Roaring 20s is a curated experience which will make you grab a gin fizz, throw on a string of pearls and kick your heels on to the dance floor.
Whether you’d like just a table decorated or are in for the whole shebang, we will transport you to another time and place.


Tropical Sighs

Breathe the perfumed breeze of an equatorial paradise.
Surround yourself with the exotic romance of a tropical island. With gently wafting muslin, luscious foliage and bamboo accessories, we’ll turn your venue into something it’s never been before.


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